The Race Across America

Watch this trailer of the 2007 documentary of Jim competing in his 1st solo Race Across America.

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Race Across America

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Race Across America

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Innovation conference

Watch Jim speaking at the Innovation conference.


Watch Jim being interviewed about Emotional Intelligence in sales.

Speaking Engagements

Author & Executive coach Jim Rees has a wealth of knowledge and compelling stories to share with his audience, if you’re looking to inspire your team to the next level and tap into more of that potential please get in touch.

1:1 Executive Coaching

Understanding your “Blindspots” and patterns of behaviour is the quickest way to build and broaden your leadership capability and become a more engaging and inspirational leader. Using tools like the emotional intelligence questionnaire, we explore the report in the first exploration session which creates a deep level of awareness.

Leadership Alignment

Team work has rapidly become a competitive advantage nowadays, mainly because it’s so rare! Jim is an authorised partner of The 5 Behaviours of a cohesive team framework and has facilitated numerous workshops helping teams create a compelling purpose and clarity, which in turn creates more engagement within the organisation.

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